Steering Group Members

  • Working Group Leads (wgL) lead working groups and share updates with the whole community

  • Board Members (BM) are there to support the community's open collaborative work - and the open-source D4CR guide, to help people and concepts connect, to make sense, to facilitate shared creation of goals and that these goals get met.

Abbreviations: WG - Working Group, SM - Supporting Member, CM - Contributing Member, wgC - Working Group Contributor, wgL - Working Group Lead, BM - Board Member

Working Group Lead

Board Member


Who: active dedicated members of community, who are already Contributing Members

Joining by: volunteering or nominated by anyone from the community. Following the process of Working Group creation & setting up all the things needed for the new group (dedicated slack channel, etc.)

Who: previous BMs, wgLs and CMs Nominated & Voted by: majority of association's contributing members in the General Assembly Timing and process: every 2 years, 1/3 board members will change and a new chair gets elected, 8 persons max.


every 6 months opt in-out with the BM - and also informing the WG. Passing the role to someone else or then putting the WG into hibernating mode in this handbook if no one is there to pass on the role.

Timing and process: every 2 years 1/3 of the board changes, a new chair gets elected. Also rotation of roles possible during these periods.

Required actions

  • Volunteer to lead a particular D4CR community effort. Start and maintain a WG page (in this handbook) according to WG rules & also list of WG Contributors

  • Oversee both external activities for this effort, and monthly internal updates to the D4CR - update to dedicated #wg-all Slack channel & to newsletter. Quaterly call with all wgLs & BMs

  • Check out and respond in Slack at least once a week - in the relevant working group channel

  • Participate in voting for new contributing members and in co-creation of association's strategy and in bi-annual board elections - and hold them accountble

  • Opt-in every 6 months

  • Volunteer to support and empower the D4CR community

  • Co-create annual strategy and drivers map together with the community and make sure that the goals are met

  • Help to coordinate efforts and keep an overview of different activities

  • Manage memberships

  • Maintain overview of finances - manage membership fees and spendings. Share with the community

  • Maintain domains and hosting of the guide and association's webpage, and software tools of the community

  • Oversee all partnerships between D4CR and other organisations and companies

  • Check out and respond in Slack at least once a week - in the relevant channels

Expected actions

  • Participate in online communications channels and collective decisions

  • Contribute to the internal culture of support and generosity

  • 2 people to lead better than one

  • Invite new Contributors

  • Support people to navigate their D4CR journey

  • Create opportunities and offer support for others

  • Attend the f2f working sessions & events of the association

  • Attend the Monthly board meetings at least 70% of the time

  • Attend the f2f working sessions & events of the association

  • 1-10h/week volunteering work

Agrees and aligns with association's Mission & Code of Conduct



Active contribution through Working Groups or oth.



Formal Association Member



Annual 50€ Payment



Goodies & Newsletters

internal association's quarterly newsletter

internal association's quarterly newsletter

Voting Right in General Assembly



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