Working Group Contributors & Contributing Members

  • Working Group Contributor (wgC) - contributes to one or more of D4CR Working Groups. (Not a member of the formal association, unless s/he is also a Contributing Member).

  • Contributing Member (CM) - contributes to one or more of D4CR Working Groups, or in some other way (e.g. promoting the cause). Member of the formal association, has a voting right.

Abbreviations: WG- Working Group, SM- Supporting Member, CM - Contributing Member, wgC- Working Group Contributor, wgL - Working Group Lead, BM- Board Member

Working Group Contributor

Contributing Member


Who: anyone from general public or any association member

Joining by: in the way that is specific to the WG they are joining, and is written out in the WG's page in this handbook. Often through contacting the Working Group's Lead - and starting to contribute hands-on to the working group

Who: wgC or a SM (someone who already contributed, not someone entirely new to the community) Nominated & voted by: any wgLs or CM or BM can nominate anyone using the #members-private Slack channel. The nominator should introduce the nominee and describe why they think they should be a good addition to the community. After that members vote with thumbs up and down.


By informing the wgL

By informing the BMs and stopping the membership payment

Required Actions

  • Volunteer to contribute to the activities of the self-chosen WG

  • Volunteer to contribute to D4CR through the activities of the self-chosen WG or in other way (e.g. promoting D4CR)

Expected actions

  • Participate in online communications channels and collective decisions

  • Contribute to the internal culture of support and generosity

  • Help build D4CR in your own way

  • If you notice something that can be improved, work on it or talk to people about it

  • Learn about the mission and uphold the values

  • Participate in voting for new contributing members and in co-creation of association's strategy and in bi-annual board elections - and hold them accountble

Agrees and aligns with association's Mission & Code of Conduct



Active contribution through Working Groups or oth.



Formal Association Member

no (unless is also a CM)


Annual 50€ Payment



Goodies & Newsletters

internal association's quarterly newsletter

internal association's quarterly newsletter

Voting Right in General Assembly