Talkoot WG

The working group is currently inactive.

The group of people who will be organising and hosting the Talkoot2020 will become the members of this group. (Interested to organise Talkoot 2020? Let us know via contact(at) ------------------------------

Talkoot is an international gathering for multidisciplinary group of experts organized together with D4CR and UNICEF.

The Talkoot working group changes every year. The working group's task is to lead the planning, production, and design of the Talkoot. They are responsible for the Talkoot execution and communication with the advisers, sponsors, partners and other stakeholders.

  • Content: The Talkoot content should be planned together with the D4CR Steering Group.

    • If the Talkoot committee aims to improve the Guide they have to involve the Guide working group for planning.

  • Location: If there is a local chapter in the planned location, it would be useful to communicate Talkoot planning with them as well.

  • Participants: Talkoot can be aimed for the D4CR community members and/or become a public event.

    Talkoot has always been open for anyone interested, there has always been an open call for participants. The participants have been selected based on their motivation letters. Multidisciplinary background of Talkoot participants has been one of the key values for bringing people together.

  • Price: Talkoot is always a free event, where participants pay for their travels and accommodation themselves.

  • Talkoot advisors: The working group should involve in the planning few people who has organized Talkoot before. Advisor's task is to guide in creating successful Talkoot events and reduce burnouts and make sure the Talkoot wg is aware of the critical aspects of the process.

*Talkoot is a Finnish expression for a gathering of friends and neighbours to accomplish a task. […] The task of the talkoot may be something that is a common concern for the good of the group or it may be to help someone with a task that exceeds his or her own capacity.” (Wikipedia)

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