To design and produce course material for "Introduction to Designing for Children: Integrating children's rights and ethics into the design the process".

Scope: The scope is to develop online-courseware (MOOC and Blended Learning) module for design, business, educational university students, designers and business decision makers. To develop skills to implement appropriate tools, methods and framework in order to have services and product that are good for children (0 - 18 years old) and our common future.

Phase 1 is to create a 6 hour blended on-line course for design students together with Cumulus (International Association of Universities and Colleges of Art, Design, and Media).

Phase 2 is an MOOC version of Phase 1 for distribution on a platform such as FutureLearn

Future phases include full-blown courses that include certificates for universities and organizations.

List of contributors:

Daniel Spikol (Malmö)

Krystina Castella (Los Angelos)

Teemu Leinonen (Helsinki)

Shuli Gulitz (Tel Aviv)

Wouter Sluis-Thiescheffer (Eindhoven)

Milica Vujovic (Barcelona)

Working group leads: Daniel, Krystina, and Teemu

Joining the group: Slack:


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