As D4CR community, we use Slack for our communication. (If you'd like to join our slack, ping us via email at contact(at)

  • Anyone can join via invitation link and they get access to all the public channels - #general, #findings etc etc. Each new joiner is welcomed and asked to introduce themselves.

  • Each Working Group has it's own dedicated channel that it can choose to keep public or private so e.g. #wg-guide or #wg-mooc-private, #wg-communication etc. etc. Working Group Lead is in charge of adding people to the group

  • Working Groups through their leads or other participants share their updates and ask for input and advice from wider community to an open channel #wg-all as often as possible.

    • When decisions need to be made involving wider community, slack #wg-all can be used through posting a proposal and then asking people to vote e.g. using thumbs up and down voting or 1-2-3 (or other emoji:) option voting. Example:

  • #members-private channel for contributing all the active registered members of the association for things like input and feedback on strategy drafts as well as nominations and voting for the new members

Rules of thumb:

1# always answer to the thread, do NOT check the "Also post to group" unless really necessary. this will allow to form easier overview of the conversations we are having

2# Always tag people of it’s important to them @name

3# Always tag @channel if it’s for everyone (however @channel doesn't work inside of threads, so then use individual @name tagging for each person)

4# When mentioning docs, slides etc add links to Google Drive

5# Use dedicated Slack channels for communication to include everyone To simplify and streamline our communication outside the management group,- e.g. about Visual Identity etc - use dedicated Slack channels for communication as a rule so that everyone who would like could be informed and participate. Also to avoid parallel overlapping conversations

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