D4CR Handbook

D4CR Guide WG

Introduction to the Design Guide working group and ways of working.
The Designing for Children's Rights Guide working group develops the design guide together.
The D4CR Guide includes currently three sections: Introduction, Principles and Supporting resources (e.g. Methods). In 2021 we aim to iterate the structure of the Introduction and supporting resources, implement the U.N. General comment No. 25, and update the Principles. In 2022 we aim to update the guide with a child-centred design. The scope of the group: 1) improve the user experience, the contents and structure of the Guide 2) make the Guide more usable for different designers with different experience levels 3) iterate and implement those suggestions, ideas and concepts from the community and events that the working group has accepted.
Working group leads: Jonna Tötterman & Leyla Nasib Contributors: Petter Karlsson Chris Lindgren Jennifer Wells Felix Noller We operate with the use of the advisory model with the steering group and the rest of the community. Anyone outside of our Guide working group can send suggestions for the Guide which we would be happy to review and implement if it is possible or relevant for the improvement of the Guide.
We have D4CR Google Drive folder D4CR Guide for storing and sharing working files.
Joining the group:
Join our Slack channel #wg_d4cr_guide and our calls if you want to become a contributor!
If you have questions or suggestions, send email to [email protected] and/or [email protected]